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Torch (Vintage Contemporaries) - Cheryl Strayed

Honestly, I couldn't get through this. I gave it about 100 pages, and still couldn't bring myself to finish, which is rare.


My downfall is that I read Wild first. Strayed borrowed so much from her life (as all writers do) to give substance to her characters in Torch, but I had already encountered slightly different versions of these people in Wild. The real issue is that the Wild versions were much better, and Torch felt like a cheap imitation. I will continue to look forward to future writings, though- between Tiny Beautiful Things and Wild, Strayed continues to improve in gut-wrenching strides.

Reamde: A Novel

Reamde - Neal Stephenson Not worth the length. Plotlines everywhere, confusing character names/traits. Stephenson has flashes of genius, but geez, what a long read.